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Water Damage

This service specializes in drying and restoring water-damaged properties, using dehumidifiers and extractors.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration for Home and Business Owners in Grand Blanc, MI and the Surrounding Areas

Is your house hit hard by a flood? Are the walls and foundations of your home damaged by a leak in your water pipes? Do you feel a constant high humidity on your property? At Apex Restoration & Mitigation, Inc., we offer water damage restoration that can bring your home back to its original condition. As a water damage restoration company, we aim to remove excessive humidity in your property and mitigate further damage to the foundations. We serve residential and commercial clients in Grand Blanc, MI, and the surrounding areas.

Reduce Your Repair Costs With Our Water Damage Mitigation

Our water damage restoration service takes several detailed steps to perform. We have a reliable team that checks the surroundings of your property for signs of water damage, such as dark water stains and cracked painted surfaces. We use extractors and dehumidifiers that can effectively remove moisture from any surface, even hard-to-dry material such as carpets, flooring, and furniture. Water damage can be caused by flooding and plumbing problems, so our dedicated professionals will do their best to locate and eliminate any other sources of leaking water before water damage restoration. With a less chance of further damage through humidity, you would pay less for potential repairs in the future.

If you’re dealing with a flooded basement, our flood damage restoration services are the perfect solution for restoring your property. We understand that dealing with a flooded basement can be stressful, so we’re here to help you get through this situation as quickly as possible. Our basement water damage restoration service includes pumping out water and setting up dehumidifiers, so the moisture buildup doesn’t cause mold and other issues. With our basement water removal and basement flooding repair, you can prevent rot and water damage from happening to your property. Count on our experts to leave you with a dry and clean basement.

Get a Discount With our Restoration Services

We are a team of restoration experts dedicated to meeting our client’s needs. At Apex Restoration & Mitigation, Inc., we offer water damage restoration to give new life to your home or business damaged by flooding or leaking. We are available during emergencies and are guaranteed to handle every job professionally and efficiently. If you are a residential or commercial client near Grand Blanc, MI, call us, and get up to $500 off on our water damage restoration services.